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Soil contamination Service


Soil Contamination Services

Soil can become contaminated with hazardous materials through various means, including using land for activities like manufacturing, disposing of waste materials, and experiencing spillages. While each situation varies, contaminated soil can pose both health and environmental risks. At Environmental Services New Zealand, we possess extensive experience in analysing contaminated soil to detect asbestos and other hazardous substances. To learn more and receive a complimentary, obligation-free quote, reach out to us today.

Soil Contamination – Analysis and Inspection

Our team of qualified and certified specialists, boasting extensive experience in the field, conducts our soil contamination inspection and analysis services. Employing advanced methods, we are capable of identifying a wide array of contaminants, including asbestos, heavy metals, PCBs, hydrocarbons, and more. Our team is known for its reliability and professionalism. So, if you have plans for land-related activities such as subdivision, land use alteration, construction, or earthworks projects, don't hesitate to contact us. We can offer expert advice on the necessity of an inspection service and carry out thorough investigations at your site.

Soil Contamination Remediation

Once soil contamination is identified on your site, the subsequent essential measure involves implementing a remediation plan. At Environmental Services New Zealand, we specialise in crafting tailored remedial action plans or contaminated soil management strategies to align with your specific needs. This may encompass activities like excavating the soil for proper disposal or placing clean soil over the contaminated area. Additionally, our proficient team will diligently supervise the remediation process to swiftly restore your soil to a state free of contaminants. For further information and to obtain a quote, please reach out to us without delay.