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Asbestos Surveying in New Zealand

According to the Health and Safety at Work (Asbestos) Regulations, individuals must conduct a refurbishment or demolition survey before undertaking any activities that might disturb asbestos or materials potentially containing asbestos.

In addition, Persons Conducting Business or Undertakings (PCBUs) hold a legal obligation concerning asbestos. Specifically, they must ensure the completion of an asbestos management survey to pinpoint materials containing asbestos that could pose a threat to contractors and other individuals working on-site.

At Environmental Services New Zealand, we offer proficient asbestos surveying services to assist you in ascertaining the presence of hazardous materials at your location. We carry out surveys on a variety of materials and within various building types, encompassing residential, commercial, and industrial structures. We will securely extract a sample of the suspected asbestos for testing, and subsequently provide you with a comprehensive report. This report will incorporate recommendations outlining the necessary steps for the safe removal and disposal of asbestos, as well as any essential remedial actions.

Asbestos Removal in New Zealand

Environmental Services New Zealand excels in asbestos removal, standing as a pinnacle of our expertise. With a wealth of experience spanning residential and commercial endeavors, we are well-versed in diverse projects. Our capabilities encompass the removal of asbestos across all quantities and classifications (Class A or B), and we possess specialized proficiency in eliminating asbestos and other pollutants from soil.

We hold complete qualifications for handling asbestos, demonstrating our competence in this field. Operating under stringent safety protocols, our adept team employs state-of-the-art safety gear to ensure secure operations. Your safety remains our paramount concern throughout every endeavor.

What Happens After We Remove Your Asbestos

Removing the asbestos from your building or location is only the first step in the process. As asbestos is at its most dangerous when it is disturbed, we will package it up using accredited materials to make it safe for transporting and disposal. We can also complete remedial work on your building. All asbestos material removed from your location will be safely disposed of according to all NZ regulations. We will provide full documentation, too, including a clearance report and final manifest from the approved disposal site.