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The Ministry of Health advises that it's prudent to assume that houses constructed during the 1980s or earlier, as well as commercial buildings of the same era, have likely been coated with lead-based paint at some point. This precautionary standpoint extends to New Zealand's contemporary practices, as the use of lead-based paint is now extremely restricted due to its potential harm to adults, children, and the environment. In preceding decades, however, lead-based paints were commonplace. The challenge lies in the inability to discern the presence of lead in the paint on various surfaces of your residence, such as walls and ceilings. This uncertainty remains even when more recent paint layers have been applied, as underlying strata of older paint, some of which might contain lead, could be present.

The Lead Paint Removal Specialists

When it comes to the removal of lead paint from residential and commercial structures, there are numerous precautions that must be observed. Different methods are available for this purpose, each with varying degrees of safety. At Environmental Services New Zealand, we specialise in delivering proficient lead paint removal services. If you suspect the presence of lead paint within your home, we encourage you to reach out to us promptly. Our team can furnish you with comprehensive information and guidance, including insights into your removal alternatives, and we're pleased to offer a complimentary quote devoid of obligations.

Safely Removing Lead Paint from Your Home or Building

Every team member undergoes comprehensive training, enabling us to skillfully, efficiently, and, most importantly, safely eliminate lead paint from any surface, encompassing external walls, internal walls, and ceilings. Opting for our lead paint removal services assures you of unwavering reliability from our team. They will arrive equipped with proper personal protective equipment and the optimal tools for the task upon hiring us. Upon completion, your surfaces will be free from lead content and poised for subsequent preparation and redecoration. Reach out today to initiate the process.